Skyvue was a tool built by Tristan Tarpley and Tyler Cobb

After a solid run, it was sunset in 2023. This site is kept around for the memories.

Skyvue unlocks the wisdom from your data.

Skyvue automatically catalogs your data, writes definitions, maps join relationships, and lets you ask questions about your data in natural language.
Documentation that writes itself
Have a data dictionary up and running in minutes, not months. Skyvue automatically maps data relationships and uses AI to write descriptions for tables and columns. All you have to do is approve.
Instant, powerful full-text search
Search across titles and definitions, fuzzy match against names you heard once but can't exactly remember, or write out what you're trying to accomplish. Skyvue handles it all.
It's like a data scientist is in the room with you.
Not sure how to go about a new analysis? Curious about the relationship between two fields? Trying to onboard a new team member? Ask Skyvue.

Fits seamlessly with your data stack

The last thing anyone needs is another divergent data tool. Skyvue integrates with your data warehouse and DBT and immediately adds value rather than more work.
SQL Server

A data dictionary you'll actually enjoy using

Most data dictionaries are stale the second you write them, require copious copy and pasting, and rarely end up actually answering questions.

Skyvue makes it a breeze.

Documentation that's living and breathing

Skyvue connects to your data, getting stats about columns and datasets at a glance. Linked descriptions and self-updating schemas ensure nothing gets disconnected or stale.

Search data questions with natural language

You know those questions you get DMd to you or posted in your #data channel? Redirect those to Skyvue and we'll get your colleagues on the right track.

Connect the tools you already use

Explore 100+ integrations that make your day-to-day workflow more efficient and familiar.